Tuesday 1 March 2022

Miscellany at Eastleigh, 27th February 2022

66748, 08683, 56049, 66799 + 66760 with a SITT, 08511 and 70811.

A further view of 66799, built in 2003, on its first visit to Eastleigh.

66017 5Z44 15:34 Eastleigh Arlington - Stewarts Lane.

99545 Support Car 'Baggage Car No.11'. Originally BSK 35466 completed at Wolverton in 1963 as part of Lot 30721. Converted in April 1987 to a NNX Courier Vehicle 80207 - for BRUTE traffic. To VSOE and renumbered 99545 in March 1995. Originally this coach road on Commonwealth bogies but now runs on B5.

This pair normally would be running in a long, multi-wagon HOBC (High Output Ballast Train), so not sure why they are in the yard at Eastleigh, attached to various Coalfish wagons. They could be on the move to Taunton. DR92283 (MOBC Materials Handling Train Interface Wagon) at left, built in 2000, has previously been noted at Romsey in April and May 2016 when part of the MOBC, later moved to Continental Europe. DR92927 (HOBC5 Materials Handling Train Hopper Wagon) was new in 2016.