Wednesday 30 March 2022

Classic Power Tuesday at Eastleigh, 29th March 2022: 47830

I almost didn't go, and it ended up a memorable afternoon - Classes 37, 47, 56 and 69. I was on the M27, returning rather earlier than expected from something else. The actual weather seemed better than the forecast, so to Eastleigh I went. I was still getting my bearings when 47830 turned up.

47830 Beeching's Legacy on training turn 0W47 11:32 Effingham Jn Signal Gd1322 - Maritime.

Entering platform 2, with a Xelabus vehicle crossing the bridge.

Nameplate, as applied at the NRM in 2015.

Rolling through the platform, while a Class 444 bowls out the view from platform 1.

Awaiting the road.

Further photo coverage: one - Flickr for the day 
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