Saturday, 19 September 2015

47830 - archive pictures

With 47830 seen at Eastleigh this week, a reflective moment. The locomotive was new on 24th December 1965 from BR Crewe.

Par, 23rd April 2001. This was a shuttle which ran within Cornwall that week (Liskeard - Penzance) as civil engineering took place.
Penzance, 24th April 2001. 47830 reversed the stock to a location where it could run around.
Southampton Maritime, 2nd December 2007. At this time the locomotive was mainly used for Class 442 moves. It arrived on 30th November, dragged in 4O11 by 66517. Worked 5Z80 09:45 Eastleigh - Wolverton on Monday 3rd with 2412 + 2414 which had shoes removed.
Stored at Barrow Hill, 6th July 2013.