Sunday 6 September 2015

"The Royal Wessex" - unexpected events at Eastleigh, 5th September 2015

"Transition from Steam"

 47832 + 34067 T+T 1Z94 16:35 Weymouth - Eastleigh - Three Bridges, detached 34067 at Eastleigh

34067 5Z60 18:41 Eastleigh - Depot Loop - Southall - loco went to Depot Loop, but did not complete passage, run-round then performed at the station.

"We've just been told on the train that Tangmere will be detached at Eastleigh on the return journey. Diesel only from there to Three Bridges. Late change by Network Rail as engineering works tonight would prevent Tangmere getting back to Southall in time." National Preservation Forum

47832 weaves across the points to access platform 2 at Eastleigh.
34067 + support coach leave for the depot loop, but they returned to platform 3.
34067 in platform 3 being detached from the support coach.
47832 runs around....
.... and joins the train
34067 runs around, to return to its support coach in platform 3.

Events are concluded, 34067 heads into the sunset.