Wednesday 24 February 2021

56090 with the Sinfin tanks, Dunbridge, 24th February 2021

56090 worked 0Z56 09:41 Westbury - Eastleigh Works, then 6Z56 12:19 Eastleigh Works - Gloucester New Yard, seen here passing Dunbridge.

This rake of TDA tanks, marked 'Aviation Fuel', was working the Grangemouth - Sinfin working, and has been through a repair exam at Eastleigh during this month. It is due to move to Carlisle from Gloucester on Thursday evening and then on to Grangemouth during daylight on Friday:

  • Thu 23:00 Gloucester N.Y. to Carlisle N.Y. 
  • Fri 10:05 Carlisle N.Y. to Grangemouth Ineos

56090 was completed at BREL Doncaster, and entered service on 8th March 1981 at TI (Tinsley). Withdrawn in December 2003 by EWS, as at a 13000 hours engine time limit. Sent to France in October 2004, and returned October 2006, after which it was stored at Old Oak Common, and at Crewe from May 2009. Sold to EMR at Kingsbury in December 2011, and moved in March 2012, then sold to Colas in 2013, and returned to service in June 2018, following work at Washwood Heath and Nottingham Eastcroft.

TDA wagon TIPH 78265 was built by Marley Industrie in France in the 1991-93 period, and is now marked for Touax.

56090  COFS  ELGHARLTN   866Z561K24   D *  GLOSNEWYD    N         

 TIPH 78211 D TDA 
 TIPH 78275 D TDA 
 TIPH 78277 D TDA 
 TIPH 78263 D TDA 
 TIPH 78266 D TDA 
 TIPH 78267 D TDA
 TIPH 78272 D TDA
 TIPH 78265 D TDA
 TIPH 78269 D TDA

9 LDS   0 MTYS   223 TONNES  540 FT

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