Tuesday 16 February 2021

Scottish DMUs under lockdown, January 2021

A necessary and permissible relocation to lockdown in Fife, where daily exercise is permitted in local authority area + 5 miles. 

Aberdeen trains were not running because of a bridge collapse, one bridge to the north of the location of the serious derailment in August. There is some discussion of 'ballast overload' as the collapse revealed layers of ballast including ash ballast, likely from a century or more ago. Reopening not expected until 22nd February.

So, some rather boring DMUs, just what turned up when I arrived at two chosen bridges in quiet locations. This stretch of railway is relatively new, being opened in 1890, as an approach route to the Forth Bridge.

170402 approaches Aberdour, 25th January.

Four minutes later, 158703 + 158706 + 158733 depart with an Edinburgh bound train. 158703 in September 1990 - many external features have changed.

170471 at Standing Stone Bridge, Dalgety, 26th January.

170452 passed three minutes later.

170405 passing Aberdour, 27th January.

170452 passed two minutes later.