Thursday 4 February 2021

A Miscellany from 2006

Already 15 years ago !

57009 Freightliner Venturer arrives at platform 2 at Eastleigh with a southbound Freightliner train, 20th February 2006. Under DRS ownership, this example was stored in December 2015, and is in secure storage at Longtown. Originally delivered from BR Crewe as D1664 on 27th February 1965, and a named Western Region example as GEORGE JACKSON CHURCHWARD from May 1965. Renumbered 47079 in February 1974, stored in April 1999, and emerged as 57009 in January 2000.

Midland Mainline 43073 arrives with a Cross Country train at Edinburgh Waverley, 28th December 2006. This power car was stored in December 2020, and is parked at Burton.

Class Forty Preservation Society 40145 passing Romsey with stock of 'The Christmas Cracker', 25th November 2006. 

37405 with ECS at Shawford, 10th September 2006. This locomotives remains in the DRS fleet, but may have an uncertain future.

31190 soon after starting up at Westbury, 27th February 2006. Currently painted in golden ochre and located at the Weardale Railway, as property of RMS Locotec and for sale.