Thursday 6 February 2020

Recently arrived diesels at the Great Central Railway, 25th January 2020

By recent, I mean since I last visited four years previously.

D417 was built at English Electric, Newton-le-Willows in April 1968, then withdrawn 23 years later in September 1991 as 50017. Preserved at The Railway Age, Crewe, where it had a VSOE mainline return, then at the Plym Valley Railway until acquired for a further return to the main line.

Arrived at the Great Central Railway on 28th February 2019, and is no longer equipped for main line operations.

37714 Cardiff Canton is to some extent the preserved twin of 37703 at Bo'ness as both saw a short stint of their final service as super-shuntrers for DRS at Daventry in 2013, and 37714 again in 2015.

Delivered as D6724 in August 1961, first allocated to March. Renumbered 37024 in February 1974. Heavy General overhaul May to October 1988, then returned to traffic as 37714

Sent to Spain with 37703 on 29th May 2001, both returned in 2012. Sent to the Great Central Railway in 2016 and now sold to an owning group.