Saturday 1 February 2020

Disruptive Derailment at Eastleigh, 28th January 2020

Some troublesome trucks.

Four pictures taken at 09:30 on the 29th. The orange army has descended upon Eastleigh. DB powered 6Z65 seen in distance, believed to be 66034 with crane moved from Hinksey moved overnight.

Freightliner driver in the cab of 70001, nearest orange clad person is also Freightliner.

Gauge being checked at points on the left. Visual inspection of points at far end of the platform. Network Rail camera operator on the right.

This picture shows the bend damage to the third rail.

This is the Down switch and crossing area which has been damaged. Image taken on 20th January.

1st February: Images of the plain line track: one two three four

Network Rail press release

70001 is understood to be detained in the sidings at Eastleigh.

31st January: Network Rail video update                       Video from Colas of the track work

National Rail Enquiries:

Disruption through Eastleigh expected until the end of Sunday 2 February

BBC: Eastleigh derailed train: Delays likely for 'several weeks'

Daily Echo: Eastleigh train derailment: passengers could face disruption for "much longer" than Monday

Picture of track work  showing plain line on down fast (above the yellow bulldozer).

30th January: National Rail Enquiries:

"Disruption through Eastleigh expected until the end of Monday 3 February"

#EASTLEIGH DERAILMENT UPDATE - All wagons are clear of the site and detailed analysis of the track, signalling and power is in progress.

Network Rail Southern Region Managing Director, John Halsall, has published a blog about the derailment at #Eastleigh.

Cross-Country are now running their services as VSTP shuttles between Bournemouth and Reading.

Ongoing work at Eastleigh one two

29th January: Total block at Eastleigh, with all up trains also being diverted via Laverstock and Portsmouth Direct routes. According to NRE the disruption expected to continue through end of day Thursday 30th.

70001 was reported as not present at 06:00, but was clearly so again by 09:30. Other reports suggest that it is effectively buffer locked to the first wagon.

Network Rail hope to have the re-railing completed by 18:00. Other reports say that a wheel skate is needed and that it will come from Leeds, arrival about 22:00.

Kirow crane: one two (note gauge being checked on the down points) three four five

17:55 "they believe that all four lines through Eastleigh will remain closed until end of service on Friday.

Afterwhich a temporary arrangement will allow the up fast to reopen to traffic. However the down fast and the line to Botley will remain closed until a complete renewal of the signal infrastructure is carried out. No ETA for this was given."

19:00 Network Rail advise likely closed until Monday.

28th January: 70001 pulling 4O05 07:15 Birch Coppice - Maritime, had some wagons derail when pulling away from platform 2 at Eastleigh. Platform 3 was also effectively closed as the northern end was blocked, with fouling of gauge at south, and also 3rd rail supply breakage. Some northbound services could operate, southbound trains diverted by Laverstock or Guildford. The Romsey clockwise shuttle worked ecs from Romsey to Southampton to avoid Eastleigh.

Twitter: one - two - three - four - five - RAIB six

Flickr: one - two - three - four - five - six

News media: BBC - Daily Echo

Boards: WNXX - RailUK (where one contributor is on site)

21:30: latest estimates are 18 hours to recover, but a block may be needed on all lines. Track repairs required at points. It seems expected that the Laverstock and other diverts will continue into Wednesday.

National Rail Enquiries
Customer advice for Wednesday 29 January:

South Western Railway services will be altered as follows:
The XX:05 services from London Waterloo to Weymouth and the XX:20 Weymouth to London Waterloo will be cancelled.
The XX:35 services from London Waterloo to Weymouth and the XX:03 Weymouth to Waterloo will be diverted via Fareham. This is likely to add 60 minutes on to your journey.
The XX:50 Poole to London Waterloo services, will end their journeys at Southampton Central. The XX:39 London Waterloo to Poole services will start their journeys at Southampton Central instead of London Waterloo.
The XX:09 London Waterloo to Portsmouth Harbour via Basingstoke and the XX:59 Portsmouth Harbour to Waterloo via Basingstoke services will be cancelled.
A shuttle service will run between Winchester and Basingstoke, also calling at Micheldever. 
Shawford will not be served. Ticket acceptance will be arranged with other train operators and replacement buses will be in operation.