Saturday 15 February 2020

10th - 15th February 2020

313121 (BREL York, July 1976) was in the news this week, as it has tasks ahead of it for ERTMS testing again after 21 months in storage. For this reason a test run to Hove and back was scheduled on Monday 10th, but cancelled because of a broken down train at Cosham. An attempt on Tuesday to deliver to Ferme Park, resulted in the unit turning back at Botley. Seen at the works on Friday 14th.

444029 appears to be very recently finished into the current SWR scheme. Eastleigh 14th February.

Monday 10th February:
Tuesday 11th February: 313121 5Z31 19:29 Eastleigh - Ferme Park (returned from Botley)
Wednesday 12th February:
Thursday 13th February: 
Friday 14th February: 66757 + 801227 5X50 02:13 Acton - Eastleigh
Saturday 15th February:

Eastleigh Derailment: 
RAIB: Freight train derailment at Eastleigh, Hampshire, 28 January 2020.
Network Rail: Eastleigh derailment: your questions answered (where the cause is further explained, and is reported as not visible to normal inspection regimes)

70001 returned to traffic on the 10th.Seen passing Eastleigh on 12th.

The covered car carrier wagons, which were in the airport sidings, are believed to have been sent to Gwent Demolition at Margam for disposal.

Swanage dmu moved by road from Eastleigh East Yard - Corfe Castle: one two three four

Raxstar bought 60050, but they have now resold it, and it is now at Leeming Bar: one two

DRS celebrated 25 years on 13th, but they are to be incorporated into NDA’s transport portfolio from 1st March, where the DRS Managing Director is reported to be moving into the new body. NDA notice.