Saturday 8 February 2020

3rd - 8th February 2020

66567 approaches Romsey with 4O57 13:29 Wentloog - Maritime, 5th February.

70007 at rest at Maritime, 2nd February. Image by Scott Paddington.

Monday 3rd February: 66787 + Swanage dmu coaches moved to East Yard for road transport one
Tuesday 4th February: 
Wednesday 5th February: 802304 + 802205 5X98 07:10 Eastleigh - Acton one two three
Thursday 6th February: 57305 5O86 08:14 Castle Donington - Eastleigh one two three (no IEPs visible at Eastleigh)
Friday 7th February: 66771 +  801226 was planned for 5X50 02:10 Acton - Eastleigh, but seen at Doncaster during the day following termination of the working; 57305 + 47815 + 442415 5Q77 07:03 Eastleigh - Wolverton one two three four
Saturday 8th February:

Eastleigh re-opened but no Down Slow line available through platform 2.
Eastleigh train derailment: Disruption estimated to "take weeks"

Network Rail releases cause of freight train derailment at Eastleigh

Initial findings by Network Rail have found the cause of the incident to be an infrastructure fault, when a small number of fastenings gave way. This led to track spread - meaning that the two rails were no longer the correct distance apart.

This particular type of fastening is only used in a limited number of locations. Since the incident, Network Rail has conducted enhanced precautionary inspections of all similar fastenings across the Wessex route, with no additional areas of concern identified through this work.

70001 in the sidings but moved on by Thursday.

801223 was being moved to Eastleigh on Friday 31st, but was diverted to Ferme Park, where it still is believed located.

Waterside rail campaigners eye £500m government cash to relaunch service
Campaigners calling for passenger services to be restored on Totton to Fawley branch line

It seems that there are concerns over the future of the Coatbridge Freightliner terminal. It is sometime since there was a timetabled direct service from Southampton,the two daily services from Coatbridge are to Basford Hall as separate workings. DRS and DB use a nearby facility at Mossend, other intermodal traffic goes to Grangemouth. One commentator suggested that the cranes at Coatbridge are approaching end of useful life.

MTR (30% owner of SWR) have problems in their home market.