Saturday 22 February 2020

Diverts at Romsey, 22nd February 2020

In something of a surprise, given events of the past week, loco hauled intermodal trains were permitted to work along the single track section at Milford. Fifteen trains passed through over 11 hours, six of these in the daylight hours. Four of these are seen here, those following were the 4O90 from Leeds, and 4O29 from Basford Hall, which were still running on schedules routed through Eastleigh, which is closed for essential S&C work.

When will we next see loco hauled trains on this section? Next week or well into the Spring?

66546 4O54 05:45 Avonmouth - Maritime. Following a northbound run on Friday, the same consist returns as a 'fresh air express'.

66082 passes at the same time with 4M71 07:17 Western Docks - Birch Coppice, which was lightly loaded.

66710 Phil Packer BRIT approaches with 4O23 02:41 Trafford Park - Western Docks.

And then passes.

66568 runs past with 4O18 04:46 Lawley Street - Maritime.