Tuesday 4 February 2020

A visit to Test Car 2

ADB 975397 – Test Car 2 - originally BSK SC35386 built at Wolverton to Lot 30699 in March 1962, delivered running on Commonwealth bogies. In November 1974 it became a test car, for use in slip/brake test activities. Interior layout changes were made in 1976, along with the installation of a generator. It continued in the slip/brake application until 2006, also being used as brake runner for Test Car 1. In 1994 it was used through the Channel Tunnel in the commissioning of Class 92. Eventually retired to Old Dalby and sold into preservation in 2016.

Winner of the Mortons Media (Rail Express) Modern Traction Award 2019.

Conveniently located in the sidings at Quorn, This is the generator and compressor end, the coach is still mounted on Commonwealth bogies.

The all important 1970s tea room - the coach is used as the main operating base of the Quorn Wagon Group.
The slip working 'A' end,the final windows were fitted in September 1990.

Slip working equipment.

Additional gauges in the lab area.

Outside of the 'A' end - the group have possession of the special slip coupling.