Wednesday 19 February 2020

Wagon of the week, 14th February 2020

59003 arrives at Eastleigh with 6O39 10:14 Westbury - Eastleigh. The interesting wagon is the first one.

DC 967615 is a YQA 'Super Tench' wagon, rebuilt in this form, with air brakes and Sambre et Meuse Y25C bogies, at BREL Shildon to Lot 4012 in 1981-82.

However, it was originally built by BR Derby in 1959-61 as a 'Borail', part of a group of 165 wagons which were numbered B946065 to B946229, later TOPS code BRV. 

Following the rebuilds, the wagons were assigned to Departmental service in 1983, and gained the DC prefixes as 'Parr' wagons. The Tench modifications, the basket structures, were made in 2010. Ten of these wagons remain in service.