Friday 14 February 2020

Harsco Track Technologies New Track Construction, Eastleigh, 14th February 2020

Noted at Eastleigh today, it was moved onward to Westbury by 59003 in the consist of 6V40.

NTC - New Track Construction. This Balfour Beatty operated equipment dates from about 2004.

"The NTC machine (a beam-like structure and a gantry) "lives" on top of two 64057x series wagons."

Video: Balfour Beatty's High Output New Track Construction (NTC) machine

New Track Construction – Renewing our railway quicker than ever before

"We are now laying new track up to three times faster"

640572 is a FEAD spine intermodal wagon deployed for the customised train.

Partner wagon 640571 again a FEAD.

DR 78702 - Harsco Track Technologies NTC Power Wagon.