Friday, 14 February 2020

Harsco Track Technologies New Track Construction, Eastleigh, 14th February 2020

Noted at Eastleigh today, it was moved onward to Westbury by 59003 in the consist of 6V40.

NTC - New Track Construction. This Balfour Beatty operated equipment dates from about 2004.

"The NTC machine (a beam-like structure and a gantry) "lives" on top of two 64057x series wagons."

Video: Balfour Beatty's High Output New Track Construction (NTC) machine

New Track Construction – Renewing our railway quicker than ever before

"We are now laying new track up to three times faster"

640572 is a FEAD spine intermodal wagon deployed for the customised train.

Partner wagon 640571 again a FEAD.

DR 78702 - Harsco Track Technologies NTC Power Wagon.