Wednesday 8 January 2020

SRPS Diesel Gala, Bo'ness, 28th December 2019

A full set appears on OneDrive, and visitor 66426 has already been covered.

20020 was running on yard duties, restricted while awaiting a power unit lift to repair the engine balancer shaft bearings.

25235 is undergoing a major repair, with extensive corrosion to attend to at floor level, and elsewhere.

Stored 26024 is seen alongside 26038, which had failed earlier, on its first working up the gradient to Birkhill.

I consider that this image of 26038 has a 1980s FP4 look about it.

27001 sits beyond the bogies of 25235.

37067 (37703) in a shunt.

Longer term restoration is under way on 37261.

47643 at the platform at Bo'ness, for the first train of the day.

The Class 126 dmu running along the foreshore at Bo'ness.

SRPS Diesel