Sunday 5 January 2020

66426 at the SRPS Diesel Gala, 28th December 2019

The guest locomotive this year was 66426 from DRS, which had been the desired guest in 2018, but took a further year to be available.
  • 0Z23 (?) 08:13 Motherwell Tmd (Drs) to Bo'ness Exchange Sdgs Gbrf (was waiting 40 minutes for the enthusiasts)
  • 0Z24 17:08 Bo'ness Exchange Sdgs Gbrf to Motherwell Tmd (Drs) (departed 28 minutes early, did not make a planned diversion to the Dalmeny loops, arrived Motherwell 91 minutes early at 1800).
66426 was delivered as EMD 20068877-006 in September 2007, and is currently leased from Macquarie European Rail Ltd., where the parent company is Australian.

Waiting to move onto B&KR metals at Manuel.

Joining the train at Manuel.

Coupling up being completed at Manuel.

Two runs up the line later, 66426 is approaching the former Haymarket train shed of 1842, at Bo'ness.

On a run-round at Bo'ness.

A further run up to Manuel, the 13:30 departure from Bo'ness, near the site of the former NBR station.

Further coverage on Flickr.