Saturday 4 January 2020

30th December 2019 - 4th January 2020

66587 departs from Eastleigh with 4O18 07:24 Lawley Street - Maritime, 2nd January. Image by Roger Homan.

Monday 30th December: 
Tuesday 31st December:
Wednesday 1st January: 442403 + 442408 5Q50 10:10 Bournemouth - Wimbledon (for tyre turning) one two three
Thursday 2nd January: 
Friday 3rd January: 57312 0M59 10:30 Eastleigh - Leicester one two three four (bufferbeams were changed from red to black in the works in recent days); 442403 + 442408 5Q39 10:01 Wimbledon - Bournemouth one two three four
Saturday 4th January: 

Class 442 diagrams resume on Monday, three M-F, three Sat and four Sun diagrams including Portsmouth Direct workings, running with Class 9 train identifiers.

Happy New Year to all readers.