Thursday 9 January 2020

An hour at Aberdour, 27th December 2019

Well it would have been an hour if the trains were running to time. Engineering work Haymarket East Junction meant that Fife Circle trains were literally that, not heading towards Edinburgh and using the north curve at Inverkeithing. ScotRail express services were running to and from Haymarket station, and LNER services were reversing at Newcastle and Edinburgh before proceeding around "the Sub" to Haymarket West Junction.

43148 + 43026 1B18 09:04 Aberdeen - Haymarket.

800113 1W02 0708 Leeds - Aberdeen.

The same 7 Cities HST set returned as 1A71 11:32 Haymarket - Aberdeen.

Two images of late running 800110 1E16 09:52 Aberdeen - Kings Cross, which was 85 minutes late at destination.