Saturday 11 January 2020

6th - 11th January 2020

66097 at Eastleigh on 7th, following a light engine move from Redbridge, where it had delivered a civil engineer's train.

Hull Trains 802304 upon arrival at Eastleigh, 8th January. Image by Scott Paddington.

43239 leads the former LNER power cars through Eastleigh on 8th January. Image by Scott Paddington.

Monday 6th January: 
Tuesday 7th January: 66738 + 801221 5X50 02:10 Acton - Eastleigh, 66738 + 801219 5X51  Eastleigh - Acton (onward to Tyne Yard) one two three
Wednesday 8th January: 47830 0Z68 08:18 Eastleigh - Basford Hall one two three four five six; 66749 + 802304 6X80 04:52 Dollands Moor - Eastleigh one two three four five ; 43208 + 43239 0O86 08:55 Ely - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven eight nine (reported to have gone into the T&RSMD, and for eventual addition to the Cross Country fleet)
Thursday 9th January:
Friday 10th January: 66738 + 801222 5X50 02:10 Acton - Eastleigh
Saturday 11th January:

SWR: "Plan for Improving Your Journeys"

However it has been revealed that SWR have a precarious financial position (similarly Arriva Northern Rail), and the future options may be a management contract, or the Directly Operated Railways scenario. The former may be anticipated, since DOR may be busy firstly with Northern, and the DfT does not want direct involvement in the ongoing RMT dispute. Railnews - The Guardian - International Railway Journal

70016 returned to traffic on 7th, but only seems to have been seen on light duties so far one two

Work on extending the sidings at Redbridge has commenced, as part of the 775m long train project, and will require weekend storage of flats at Marchwood, with Saturday morning workings, of which two ran on 11th.

Redbridge, 7th January. Image by Ian Knight.