Sunday 19 January 2020

Azumas all around the town, Eastleigh, 17th January 2020

Suggested Class-800-801-802 group on .

66766 drags 801221 as 5X51 07:48 Eastleigh - Acton.

The lead coach was PDTS 821221. This IEP had been at Eastleigh since 7th January.

PDTRBF 829221 on the rear.

Next heading for Acton and later Ferme Park.

66766 had earlier dragged in 801225 as 5X50 02:53 Acton - Eastleigh, earlier from Merchant Park at Newton Aycliffe.

801225 seen rather earlier at the station. Image by Scott Paddington.

Prototype Azuma 800101, now 5 years old, has been in Eastleigh for some weeks, here flagged 'Not to be Moved' at the works.