Saturday 18 January 2020

Class 57/0 movement at Eastleigh, 17th January 2020

57002 + 57003 0Z49 03:25 Gresty Bridge - Eastleigh, to work 5Z49 02:46 Eastleigh - Romsey - Bristol ecs for The DRS Class 20 Farewell tour. Will this have been the finale for DRS Class 57/0 in Hampshire, as these were the only two remaining available and active through the 2019 RHTT season? Most of the DRS examples are now stored at Longtown.

57002 Rail Express leads. Originally built as D1803 delivered from Brush, Loughborough, on 21st January 1965 to Tinsley. Renumbered to 47322 in March 1974, rebuilt to 57002 Freightliner Phoenix in 1998, before sale to DRS in January 2008.

The locomotives paused to await moves of conflicting traffic. Puddles on the platform from overnight rain.

Rail Express nameplate formerly worn by 47853.

57002 is cab to cab and multi-connected to 57003.

57003 was originally delivered as D1798 from Brush to Tinsley on 29th January 1965. Renumbered to 47317 in March 1974, then similar history to 57002, as covered above, being named Freightliner Evolution after 1998.

On the works about 12:00, waiting to be coupled to the tour stock.