Monday 3 September 2018

Scotland in Change: LNER HSTs on 'The Aberdonian' in Fife, August 2018

1S40 14:00 King's Cross - Aberdeen

LNER vinyl now applied over where the Virgin logos were. It is expected that these operations will move over to IEP trains in the next year.

43306 (43106, BR Crewe, December 1978) Aberdour, 20th August

43274 Spirit of Sunderland (43074, Jan78) on the rear of this train.
43306 again, Inverkeithing, 22nd August

43239 (43039, Feb77) passing Aberdour 29th August

43299 (43099, Sep78) on the rear of the same train.

43290 mtu fascination of power (43090, Jun78) Aberdour, 31st August.