Sunday 2 September 2018

Scotland in Change: Class 70 cement trains in Fife, August 2018

6B32 16:52 Aberdeen Craiginches - Oxwellmains is now in the hands of Colas Class 70 locomotives, following the sale of the Class 60s to GBRf. Smokey 70809 was on the working from mt first observation on 20th, until 70803 took over on 31st.

There appear to be more PCAs in these trains again, more so than in the period after the JPAs were introduced.

Also noted in Scotland on Saturday 1st September was 70814 on 6S32 Dalston - Grangemouth, in the loop at Beattock, adjacent to the M74.

70809 approaching Aberdour, 20th August.

70809 at Inverkeithing on 22nd.

 70809 at Aberdour, 29th August.

Change sees clearer exhaust 70803 at Aberdour on 31st. Also seen by others: one two three four five six .

BCC 10776 is a PCA Presflo built at BREL Ashford in 1981. Passing Inverkeithing on 22nd.