Friday 7 September 2018

Scotland in Change: Edinburgh & Glasgow electric trains, August 2018

The 385 emus are a few months late into traffic following a windscreen internal reflection issue, but EGIP "Network Rail is committed to completing the main E-G electrification works in 2016." overall is late (consider / discuss as a lesson related to Crossrail).

All pictures taken at Manuel on 30th August.

The first electric trains on the route were Class 380, borrowed and mixed from other ScotRail duties. Heading to Glasgow, Desiro 380111 was built by Siemens in 2009-10.

Following the windscreen issue off-lease Class 365 units from WAGN (BR York, 1994-95) have been hired. Although only mid-life, the England and Wales DfT & private owner financial managers seem to have no strategic clear plan for these units, which are capable of usage on 750Vdc as well as 25kV, and were recently refurbished. The owner of the stock is Eversholt. Some clearance modifications were required, implemented at Glasgow Works, for their use in Scotland which seems to be temporary until May 2019. 365513 is heading away from the camera towards Edinburgh.

365521 running to Glasgow, the top speed of these units is 100 mph, as it is for all emu units pictured here.

365537 heading to Edinburgh.

The new order, with modified driver's windscreen, introduced into service in July. Hitachi AT200 Classs 385 385005 leads towards Glasgow. Operationally these seem to be similar power and passenger capacity to the Class 380.

385103 running towards Edinburgh.