Thursday 6 September 2018

'Hiker' and 'Tractor' in Fife, 26th August 2018

1Z44 08:52 Linlithgow - Dunfermline - Kirkcaldy - Forth Bridge - Edinburgh - Tweedbank
1Z45 15:11 Tweedbank - Niddrie West Junction (reverse) - Edinburgh - Kirkcaldy - Dunfermline - Forth Bridge - Linlithgow

SRPS Railtours Reports

Black Fives were 'Hikers' on the Highland section of the LMS

Starting away from what was Dunfermline Lower station, now Dunfermline Town.

45157 The Glasgow Highlander is actually 45407.

Approaching and passing Aberdour on the outward leg.

The Armstrong Whitworth built locomotive was completed in 1937, seen passing the signal box.

The returning train passes Aberdour station, with its famous gardens.

With an 11 coach load, 37516 Loch Laidon was making a noisy contribution on the rear.

37516 was new English Electric Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns as D6786 on 28th December 1962.