Sunday 9 September 2018

Hoovers pass Eastleigh, 8th September 2018

50007 + 50049 1Z54 15:35 Weymouth - East Midlands Parkway

Approaching Campbell Road bridge, the lead locomotive was 50007 running as 50006 Neptune.

This was followed by 50049 running as 50011 Centurion.

A side profile of the two locomotives.

Heading onwards to the station, Mr Knight can be seen trying to "look cool" on platform 2.

He eventually lifted his camera as the train approached. (Image by Ian Knight).

The TSO coaches at the back were 6054, 6158 and 5998, all Mk2F to Lot 30860 built at BREL Derby in 1973-74. In 2002, the first two were with Virgin West Coast, and the latter with Anglia.