Monday 18 September 2023

800113 and the stress crack repairs, Inverkeithing, 25th August 2023

800113 departed from Eastleigh Works on 29th June, and while there was coverage of the pantograph and motor coaches,  the trailer cars were not visible on that occasion. 800113 was noted to be working the 1W11 10:00 Kings Cross - Aberdeen on 25th August, and was intercepted at its stop in Inverkeithing. At this time, this is the only LNER 800/1 with the modifications.

800113 arrives at Inverkeithing, led by PDTS 81113.

Detail of the leading end of PDTS 811113, the opposite side of this coach from when seen at Eastleigh.

One end of MS 812113.

Each end of TSRB 814113, showing the lighter, inside frame bogies. where the body modification appears identical to the powered inner coaches.

PDTRBF 819113 on the rear, as the train departed.