Wednesday 27 September 2023

"The Pines Express" return, Cross-Country HST Farewell, 26th September 2023

43008 + 43007 1Z44 16:18 Swanage - Eastleigh - Romsey - Laverstock - Basingstoke - Leeds.

This was the last working, apart from ECS back to Laira on 27th, as the staff excursion has been cancelled because of industrial action.

43008 comes clattering over the points at Redbridge.

Approaching Redbridge station.

High Speed Train

43007 running through the station.

The light was really fading by the time the train reached Crampmoor.

A final view of 43008.

And a final view of the Kenneth Grange livery of 1975, as 43007 vanishes towards the sunset.

Twitter has a hashtag #xchstfarewell (link only works for those registered on Twitter / X.