Wednesday 27 September 2023

Class 50 Move, Redbridge, 26th September 2023

50007 Hercules [50034 Furious on one side] (+458423) + 50049 Defiance 5X72 14:5 Wembley Receptions 1-7 - Bournemouth T&R.S.M.D 

458423 was being returned from Widnes, where it was sent as 5-car 458523 on 31st July.

The 50s left early from Southampton Down Loop, and the 'Pines Express' HST charter was held at Totton to allow a late running GWR Pompey train go ahead. Lots of leaping about!

50007 leads through the platform.

This picture shows the alternate 50034 Furious identity.

A small view of 4-car 458423. There is still a rumour that SWR may not actually use these units.

50049 on the rear.