Sunday 17 September 2023

Aggregates at Chesterfield, 5th September 2023

66620 6G65 09:19 Hope (Earles Sidings) Fhh - Walsall Freight Terminal.

The consist was formed of 4-wheeled PCA wagons, these are BCC 10824 (BREL Ashford, 1981) and BCC 11112 (Powell Duffryn 1984). 

66060 6H11 11:04 Toton North Yard - Dowlow Briggs Sdgs.

The train was formed of MMA wagons, the last being 81.70.5500.078-7.

66707 Sir Sam Fay 6M05 10:51 Tinsley Yard Gbrf - Coton Hill Tc Gbrf (near Shrewsbury)

The rake was of JGA wagons. this is AI 27105, one of a batch of 22 built by WH Davis in 2004-05, the majority formed in this train.

66798 Justine 4H73 05:52 Washwood Heath Up Sdg Gbrf - Tunstead Sdgs Gbrf.

37.70.6791.084-6 is a HYA, shortened from a coal hopper.

The same wagon arriving at Eastleigh, in 6O75 06:38 Peterborough - Eastleigh on 29th November 2019, as an IIA prior to shortening.