Friday 28 May 2021

The Severn Valley Railway, 6th April 1980 (part 1)

A whole day spent on the Severn Valley Railway, 11 years after first reopening, and 6 years after reopening to Bewdley. BR still controlled in Kidderminster, to serve the British Sugar Corporation facility, but that would change over the next 4 years. 

A snapshot in time, just over 14 years after the end of Western Region steam, and 11 after BR steam.

4930 Hagley Hall pauses at Highley with the first northbound train of the day.

8233 was awaiting the arrival of the northbound train at Hampton Loade.

5764 and 3205, which was having an early steaming after overhaul. It ran at the Rocket 150 event at Rainhill in May 1980.

6443, 4566 and LNWR 3020 Cornwall, the latter for an assessment for overhaul, which did not proceed.

WD 600 Gordon, after some attention to the side of the firebox, in advance of its appearance at Rocket 150.  In these days, the shed yard was accessible, and young boys could be lifted up to and down from the footplate.

D1062 Western Courier, at that time only 16 years old, which also would run in the Rocket 150 event.