Saturday 1 May 2021

26th April - 1st May 2021

66044 on shed at Eastleigh T&RSMD, 1st May, having arrived from Eastern Docks in the morning, following work on Halewood car turns.

Monday 26th April: 
Tuesday 27th April:

Wednesday 28th April: 37688 0Z36 07:55 Crewe - Eastleigh one two three four five, 5Z37 13:25 Eastleigh - Crewe one two three four five six seven47727 + 701028 5Q10 06:49 Derby - Eastleigh one two three four five six seven, 0Z47 16:53 Eastleigh - Northampton one two three
Thursday 29th April: 57312 (+ 317669 for disposal) 5Q86 04:58 Ely - Eastleigh one two three four five six, 5M60 12:47 Eastleigh - Derby one two three four
Friday 30th April:
Saturday 1st May: 47749
+ 701029 5Q10 07:13 Derby - Eastleigh (appears to have failed at Kettering, 47739 as 1Z99 reported as recovering the 701, also a 37 in attendance. Later 5Q10, 0Q10 and 1Z99 all returned north, with 5Q10 recessed at Leicester Humberstone Road, expected to Derby on Sunday.)
The scene at Kettering at 17:15 on Saturday 1st.

66743 moved onto the Trafford Park circuits on 28th one two, which may be a preparation for its move onward to Scotland. 66768 took over the Westbury circuits, 59003 remains at Doncaster.

Class 484 software delay: BBC - Isle of Wight County Press - IRJ - On the Wight - Rail Technology

Eastleigh Works: 141108 - 50021 - 43468 & 50026 

EMR update and rules for HST retirement