Saturday 22 May 2021

37240 visits Eastleigh, 21st May 2021

A first visit for Boden Rail 37240 to Eastleigh since its return to mainline service, and an unexpected one, as the DBSO of the test train encountered an issue, and 37240 was sent to assist. It arrived at Eastleigh on Friday morning, and was only stabled for one day.

37240 was new as D6940 from English Electric Vulcan Foundry on 25th August 1964, allocated to Cardiff Canton, renumbered to 37240 in February 1974. Placed in reserved in March 1997, then stored unserviceable in the following May. Arrived at Wigan CRDC in June 2000, then sold and moved to Llangollen in July 2002, where it was made operational. Sold and moved to Boden Rail, Nottingham in December 2018, who have returned it to mainline operation, and used by Colas since March of this year.

37099 was the locomotive on the other end of the train.

A different angle in this further view, showing more of the Transrail logo.