Friday 21 May 2021

57310 returns to Derby, from Eastleigh, 21st May 2021

57310 Pride of Cumbria departing with 5M60 13:37 Eastleigh - Derby, having earlier delivered 317722 for disposal. 317722 was stored at Ely as a unique unit, which had been refitted with ac motors and refurbished as a trial.

57310 was converted from 47831, which was originally delivered as D1618 from BR Crewe to 16A Toton on 5th September 1964. Renumbered 47037 in March 1974, and converted with ETH to 47563 in January 1980. It became 47831 from April 1989, and ran until November 2002, latterly with Virgin Cross-Country. Converted to 57310 in August 2003, in which guise it had run for Virgin, Network Rail, DRS and now leased to Rail Operations Group.  

57310 draws out and passes 57303 Pride of Carlisle, also leased to Rail Operations Group, but currently an Eastleigh Works resident.

6330 was originally built as Mk2A BFK E14084 to Lot 30786 at BR Derby in August 1968. Transferred to LMR in May 1974 and transferred to Departmental stock as HST barrier coach (HSBV) CDB975629 in May 1977. Renumbered 6330 in April 1990.

ADB 975875 QSA - originally built as BSK S34643 to Lot 30143 by Charles Roberts of Horbury, entering traffic in January 1955. Withdrawn  April 1981 and converted June 1982 as a barrier coach for Class 508 and 455 stock delivery, temporarily condemned in May 1985, later supporting Class 319 and sporting a NSE scheme from 1988.

The train eases out of the works for the northbound run.