Friday 1 May 2020

Diesels and Electrics at the Crewe Works Open Day, 20th May 2000

The journey from Hampshire to Crewe was by Pathfinder Tours "The Cheshire Phoenix", hauled by 47206 The Morris Dancer (now 57605 with GWR) outwards, with return behind 47234 (now 57306 of DRS).

87027 Wolf of Badenoch, delivered on 4th May 1974, was involved in a serious collision at Winsford on 23rd June 1999, and is seen on stands during repair, which was completed in August 2000. Stored in August 2004, then stored at Long Marston, it was cut up at EMR Kingsbury in November 2010. 92005 Mozart lies in the background, now running in Croatia.

D200 (40122) which was new in March 1958 from English Electric / Vulcan Foundry. Repainted at Stratford prior to final withdrawal in April 1988, then transferred into the NRM collection.

90030, new in May 1989, had just been newly named Crewe Locomotive Works. Stored since January 2006 at Crewe EMD, although it was moved for assessment in March 2020.