Sunday 10 May 2020

Steam in Denmark, June 2000

Now, I was having a day of wandering in Copenhagen, on 25th June 2000, and was heading towards the direction of The Little Mermaid, when I heard a steam train, and managed to get onto the bridge at Østerport just as it arrived.

DSB Pr 908 approaches Østerport, 25th June 2000.

Pr 908 departs from Østerport. There is a video on YouTube which includes a departure, but from the opposite platform, on the same day. The train was run as 'Round the Houses'.

"Steam around Copenhagen: For the last time in a couple of years it will be possible to do the "Rundt om husene" steam trains around Copenhagen, as rebuilding of the Copenhagen Freight Ring into a S-bane suburban line will close the Vigerslev-Vanløse-line until 2004-05.
Dansk Jernbane Klub arranges trains on 11. 18. and 25. June with steam locomotive Pr908 and old wagons. Timetable:
København H. dep.   10.38 11.35 12.38 13.38 
Østerport dep.      10.44 11.41 12.44 13.44* 
Nørrebro dep.       11.05 12.05 13.05 14.05* 
København H. arr.   11.30 12.30 13.30
Other trains and activities can be found at the Dansk Jernbane-Klub website (24. May 2000, sources dk.fritid.jernbaner and DJK)"

Class P 4-4-2 908 was built by Hanomag in 1908. Seven members of the class were rebuilt to Class PR 4-6-2 between 1943 and 1954. 908 was rebuilt in 1945-46.Withdrawn in August 1964 and handed over to the railway museum. Last steamed in 2007.

It seems that I was particularly lucky to be in the right place at this time.

Class H 40 was built by Robert Stephenson & Co in Newcastle in 1868. Sold to VVGJ in 1914, then sold in 1946 to  DDPA (ESSO) for use as a pre-heater, before donation to the railway museum in 1947. Seen in the museum at Odense on 28th June.

Class Hs 415 on visitor shuttles at the railway museum at Odense, 28th June. 415 was built at A / S Vulcan, CFKiehn, Maribo, Denmark in 1901 and worked until withdrawal in 1970, when it was handed over to the railway museum.