Wednesday 6 May 2020

37219 RILA turn, 5th May 2020

37219 0C01 10:00 Eastleigh East Yard - Salisbury (platform 6) - Eastleigh East Yard.

Pictures taken at Crampmoor, while on a single daily exercise on foot.

37219 was built at English Electric Vulcan Foundry, and entered traffic on 16th January 1964, first allocated to Cardiff Canton. Stored in January 2001, sold in September 2005, then removed into preservation in October 2005, firstly at Chasewater, then moved to Toddington, Chasewater, Chinnor, Dereham, Blaenavon from where it was purchased by Colas in January 2014.

37219 had modifications made in 2017 to support the RILA equipment, this differing at each end of the locomotive. My picture taken in November 2019 show the inactive configuration, at the opposite end to the above, and this picture shows the end seen here.

Items on RILA: one two three four five. A survey includes track geometry, bed thickness, ballast quality, vegetation analysis, etc. 

37219 while in storage at Eastleigh, 20th March 2005.