Monday 18 September 2017

"Northern Belle" at Eastleigh, 17th September 2017

5Z16 13:17 Eastleigh Artlington - Haslemere. Ran 1 hour late from the works, reversed direction in platform 3 at Eastleigh station, departing about 38L.

Apart from 57303, the train was much as seen on 9th September.

57306 leads the Northern Belle consist from the works towards the station.

A closer view of 57306.

Mk 2E 3275 Harlech was built at BR Derby to Lot 30843, the last of the lot, entering traffic in 1973.

Mk 2D 3174 Glamis was from the earlier Lot 30821, entering traffic from Derby in  February 1971.

57303 was on the rear and never even ran far enough into platform 3 to allow photography.