Friday 26 October 2018

Peak Forest, 18th October 2018

56301 is now the resident shunter for Cemex at Dove Holes Quarry. "The hire period should be for 60 to 90 days and as part of the hire arrangement 56301 will receive a replacement set of bogies. These replacement bogies will be to mainline standards and will replace the set currently under 56301, which have wheelsets with tyres at near scrap size." 

This is the difficult part, which is highly stressful for the locomotive. Here 56301 pushes a loaded rake of MMA box wagons backwards, at a speed which was but a creep.

Detail of 56301 at rest. New as 56045 from Doncaster in June 1978, and once named "British Steel Shelton".

66760 4M11 09:30 Washwood Heath - Peak Forest Cemex Gbrf (to be pushed back into the sidings on the right).

66103 6Z37 08:07 Small Heath - Peak Forest Cemex Sdgs. 

66103 pushes back the empties between the rakes after which the locomotive came off and was replaced by 56301.

66065 6H02 13:07 Dowlow Briggs Sdgs - Ashbury.

Peak Forest South signal box was opened in 1925 to a Midland Railway type 4d pattern. 66103, 60100, and 66155 lie in the DBC Cargo sidings to the right. Unfortunately no daylight tug action.

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