Saturday 20 October 2018

Freight at Stockport, 16th October 2018

Typically there seem to be about 14 freight trains per day through Stockport, many other trains run via the Styal Line, but 5 or so between 14:30 and 16:30. On this occasion there was also a Class 50 movement as icing on the cake.

66565 6M17 08:53 Redcar High Level to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station loaded coal. RTT had lost this one after Church Fenton, north of York. The 370xxx series HHA wagons (built 2000-06) are in the same series as others which are being delivered into Eastleigh Works in recent weeks, for scrap and parts recovery for new build box wagons.

66505 worked 4H68 15:12 Guide Bridge - Basford Hall, with newly overhauled wagons, again in stealth on RTT. Freightliner opened their own facility at Guide Bridge in 2017.
66706 Nene Valley was running late with 6E10 11:11 Liverpool Biomass Terminal - Drax.

66616 passing with 6M22 12:57 Drax - Tunstead Sdgs (industrial limestone HIA wagon empties). Another train in stealth on RTT.

66781 (formerly 66016) approaches across Stockport Viaduct with 6H60 15:29 Hope Street (Salford) - Peak Forest, limestone hopper empties (coal hopper HYA and IIA wagons).