Saturday 6 October 2018

Freightiner Diverts at Romsey, 6th October 2018

The first day for some time of 'diverts' via Laverstock and the Test Valley. The weather was rain, which rather reduced the number of comfortable locations. Romsey station did have the advantage of some light engine workings between Eastleigh amd Maritime, which turned out to be convoys.

66563 approaches with 4O14 07:20 Lawley Street - Maritime. Another picture, earlier at Dean.

66563 now closer to the camera.

66517 passed only 12 minutes later with 4O27 05:21 Garston - Maritime. Earlier at Dean.

There is currently no 4O90 05:27 Leeds - Maritime train on Saturdays, this appears to be related to the Derby Blockade, which finishes on 7th October. RealTimeTrains shows a working again on 13th October.

66520 + 66598 + 66599 0W26 13:21 Eastleigh - Maritime running almost an hour late, arriving frim Eastleigh.

The locos were reversed and proceeded to Maritime. 66599 had earlier worked into Eastleigh with 6O26 10:50 Hinksey - Eastleigh.

I believe that the same driver brought back 66594 NYK Spirit of Kyoto + 66590 as 0W29 1533 Maritime-Eastleigh. 66594 had earler arrived with 4O18 from Lawley Street.

The locos were held while 66548 passed with 4O29 08:50 Basford Hall - Maritime, which was running 38 minutes late. 66548 received new brighter lights between 10th and 29th May, last pictured here in March.

Busy locomotive moment for Romsey.