Thursday 25 October 2018

Changes at Merseyrail: Class 507 and 508 at Chester, 17th October 2018

At Chester, a terminus for Merseyrail, some Class 507 and 508 workings, which are due for replacement by Stadler Class 777 currently under construction to enter service in 2020.

Class 507 three car units were introduced from 1978 into Merseyrail Northern Line service, being built at BREL York. All remain in service except for 507022 damaged in a collision in 1991.

Class 508 were originally delivered from BREL York from 1979 as four car units having been re-prioritised into Southern Region service. Following reduction to three cars, from 1983 these units were migrated to Merseyside, where they contributed to modernisation of Wirral Line services. The fourth TS coaches migrated to Class 455 units.

The classes have worked interchangeably on Merseyrail since 1997, and the fleet is now owned by Angel Trains.

508108 was new in November 1979 as 508008, and reformed in June 1984. TS 71533 was transferred into Class 455 5722 the following month, and runs today for SWR.

508117 was new as 508017 in December 1979, reformed in October 1983. TS 71542 went into 5711 in May 1984.

The same unit on another arrival - the route is Chester to Chester, so this is its other yellow side.

508143, the last in sequence, was new in August 1980 as 508043, and was reformed in November 1991, with TS 71568 going to 5720 in July 1984.

507006 was built carrying de-icing equipment. (I don't have the date of delivery,  but it appears to have been about October 1978, thus 40 years old).