Sunday 21 October 2018

Changes at Northern Railways: Class 323

Northern Railway's Class 323 units are scheduled to come off lease with that franchise by December. These were subject to upgrade as recently as 2016, and while originally planned to be sent to the Midlands, it now seems that whole class could become surplus at what would only be a 25 year mid-life point for aluminium bodied trains.

Porterbrook have a profile for the class.

Class 319 units are currently mixed into the schedules with the Class 323 on trains from Manchester to Crewe.

Class 331 units are expected in service in December.

323226 at Manchester Oxford Road, Tuesday 16th October, on a working to Liverpool Lime Street.

323228 at Stockport, with a working to Stoke, Tuesday 16th October.

323228 also at Stockport, with a similar working to Stoke, Tuesday 16th October.

323232 at Handforth, with a working to Manchester. Wednesday 17th October.