Monday 22 October 2018

Notes from Crewe, 17th October 2018

Changing trains, to head to and later from Chester.

56087 + 56078 on RHTT duties 3S71 21:20 Shrewsbury Coleham Ss to Shrewsbury Coleham Ss.

56078 is driven at the rear in multi through the set of wagons.

57304 Pride of Cheshire, approprately placed at Crewe as a WCML Thunderbird. This was in Eastleigh Works from 21st February until 14th March this year.

66712 Peterborough Power Signalbox slows to a stop with 6S94 04:28 WO Wembley - Irvine (for UPM Paper) formed of ICA tanks loaded with china clay slurry (kaolin), the working originating from Antwerp.

Two stored DBC Class 90s. 90032 was stored in February 2004.

90038 was stored in July 2005.

Expected to be one of a kind, recently re-liveried Voyager 221101. Into traffic only the preceding day.