Sunday 14 October 2018

A4 60009 at the Bluebell Railway, 13th October 2018

Arriving at East Grinstead with "The Heart of Midlothian".

A late opportunity to see A4 Number 9 Union of South Africa before its anticipated retirement in 2019. In Hampshire and Salisbury area there may still be one further tour on Thursday 29th November.

In Scotland, the  planning permission for the proposed final home for the locomotive has recently been refused, and could be subject to appeal procedure.

Being prepared at Sheffield Park for the first run of the day.

Running around at East Grinstead.

"The North Briton" departs from Horsted Keynes.

The same departure, a few seconds later.

With the day time trains completed for the day. the locomotive moved back to the shed for servicing before working the Pullman dining service in the evening.

Further pictures at One Drive.