Saturday 29 June 2024

24th June - 29th June 2024

A walk to Crampmoor to see 47810 on 24th June, but that ran 2 hours late, and I needed to move on. 59101 Village of Whatley leading 6O68 09:11 Westbury - Crawley.

66774 0O41 1014 Westbury - Eastleigh, 24th June. Some angles previously seen at Crampmoor are now affected by foliage growth. 

TF 41187 at Eastleigh Works on 24th June, finished in a West Highland Blue Pullman scheme.

Someone asked me where the KTA pocket wagons are mostly running - the answer still is to and from Wentloog. 70015 on 4O57 meets the NMT at Romsey, 27th June.

Sunday 13rd June: 47810 5Z28 00:23 Woking - Eastleigh  Signalling chaos Brockenhurst - Eastleigh, on a cruise ship day, said to be that a pair of servers did not re-boot in Eastleigh Area Signalling Centre after a power surge - SWR Help - Network Rail Wessex; 37409  (+ 3426) + 47712 5Z37 17:20 Crewe - Eastleigh (coach swapped into Saphos rake for 5Z49) one two Flickr for the day
Monday 24th June: 47810 5Z49 10:13 Eastleigh - Goodrington; 37409 (+ 3330) + 47712 5Z21 13:14 Eastleigh - Crewe one two Flickr for the day
Tuesday 25th June:
Wednesday 26th June:
44871 + 47826 Swanage 1Z92 08:16 Victoria - Swanage, 1Z93 1629 Swanage - Southampton - Redbridge - Laverstock - Clapham Jcn - Victoria Flickr for the day; 69009 0Z26 10:27 Leicester - Eastleigh Flickr for the day
Thursday 27th June: 69009 0B47 11:13 Eastleigh - Marchwood, 0Z84 xx:xx Marchwood - Eastleigh (after issue coupling to 701); 802014 5X83 12:29 Royal Oak Sidings - Eastleigh; 43062 + 43013 1X23 15:28 Salisbury - Southampton UGL - Salisbury
Friday 28th June:
Saturday 29th June:

66591 is being fitted with Siemens ETCS equipment. "As owner and operator of 66591" suggests that the locomotive is no longer leased from HBOS. It was stored between January and February, and again from May this year.

Class 458/4s now re-introduced to SWR traffic.

Eastleigh Works: Visit by 'Diggle Junction', which appears to have been in mid-February 2024

The Eastleigh Depot derailment on 21st involved the Works Kof, which is reported as having overrun to encounter the catch points.

YKA Osprey wagons - a discussion about their unexpected longevity. Also, noted that all Coalfish, OBA and OCA are now all withdrawn, and the red box MXAs are over a third withdrawn.