Wednesday 26 June 2024

An hour at Shawford, 24th June 2024


The highlight was 5Z21 13:14 Eastleigh Arlington - Crewe H.S., led by 37409 Loch Awe in ScotRail colours.

A closer view of 37409, which was repainted at Eastleigh, and outshopped in January 2024.

Mk2f FO coach 3330 (BREL Derby, Lot 30859, Januiary 1974), which seems to have been swapped out of the Saphos Steam rake at Eastleigh Works.

47712 Lady Diana Spencer on the rear.

Earlier 66078 passed on 0Z10 10:50 Didcot T.C. - Northam -  Didcot T.C., which appears to have been a training turn.

70011 passed leading 4M61 12:56 Southampton M.C.T. - Trafford Park F.L.T.

After the Locomotive Services working, 66791, on hire to Colas, worked 6V27 13:49 Eastleigh East Yard - Hinksey Sdgs.