Saturday 22 June 2024

The Leven Train, 7th June 2024

Train services for the public started from Leven on 2nd June. Service is currently hourly, via Kirkcaldy. I made my journey on the following Friday.

"Calling at: Cameron Bridge and Leven." on the information sign at Abgerdour.

158707 arrives with 2K59 10:03 Edinburgh - Leven

158707 in the turnaround at Leven.

158707 departs, passing a Leven / Liobhainn sign,

The platforms at Leven, seen from under the Bawbee Brig.

The new unmanned station building, perhaps inspired by the nearby Leven Roundel.

Seen from the station, 313121 was in the sidings at Kirkland, which are not connected to Network Rail.

158739 arrives with 2K67 14:08 Edinburgh - Leven.