Monday 25 April 2022

Miscellany at Eastleigh, 22nd April 2022


5707 was leading 5727 (May 1985, with a Class 508 TS, July 1980), seen above, as 5Y51 14:31 Bournemouth - Wimbledon. Class 455 is on borrowed time, pending introduction of Class 701 into service.

701044 appeared to be on mileage accumulation test, following delivery to dc rails on 5th April.

Harsco Rail Grinder Pair 70806 DR79274 + DR79265, built in 2003. Until 2021, this operated as a triple set with DR79264, the current location of which is unknown.

OBA 110023 (BREL Ashford, Lot 3909.1977).

OCA 112000, first of series (BREL Shildon, Lot 4014, 1981).

The COALFISH type is rather quickly going tor scrap. 394163 is a MHA, converted by RFS, Doncaster in 1997, from a HAA coal hopper.

MXA 950747 has been sitting in this area for a few weeks. Converted by ,Marcroft, Stoke in 2015-16, with body mounted on a BFA type steel carrier, rebuilt by BREL Shildon (Lot 3925, 1979) from BDO wagons (Bogie Bolster D) of 1950s vintage.